Now you are about to enjoy a stress free ride no matter where you are going. This  Royal Enfield Luggage Side Boxes will carry all of your valuable things. You can store important documents, small tools, water bottles, mobile chargers, torch and most important our bike documents! Royal Enfield Luggage Side Boxes

This side luggage box is fully weather protected. No matter it’s rainy season or heavy summer, your important things will remain safe for life! So no more frustration for handling things while driving! This is the product that you are waiting for.

This Speedwav  Royal Enfield Luggage Side Boxes comes with dimensions 15 x 5 x 10 cm. That make it extremely comfortable to store maximum important documents and tools. The weight of the product is only 998g. So if you are looking for light weight and stylish all-in-one side tool box then this will be your ultimate choice.

How Much ? Only Rs. 700/- (Approx)

From Where? Amazon.In (Click Below Button)

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