Military Matty Royal Saddle Bag for Royal Enfield

The beast in the market! This saddle bag is specially designed for those who are in military or like military style. If you are any of those then you can’t just leave from here before buying it.military style

This ultimate square bag makes it easy to carry all our clothes, tools and other important thing safely. It’s better than round shape bags. As it carries lot of things. Guess what? It’s water proof too. And hardly weight around 2kg. You can put all our things on both sides.

This is made from Matty material. This provide extra strength and toughness to this product. High quality and durable color combination just pulled style level up in the sky!

Good product if you are looking for saddle bags. If you travel on regular basis then this can be a MUST HAVE accessory for you. Easy to fit and remove when you don’t need it.

How Much ? Only Rs. 2500/- (Approx)
From Where ? Amazon.In (Click Below Button)

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